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Eli – Infinity spa

Wanted to try the Infinity spa, to get my perspective on more salons – the Koubkova street. Booked through the chat on the website, confirmation via WA. Without any troubles, the operator confirms the time I want.

When I arrived to the salon, I am greeted by Eli who does not seem to be in the mood. She smiles, but it is the kind of fake smile that women tend to use to misdirect men. Anyway, we go to the room where I am offered shared shower which I gladly accept. Pity that the ice didn’t melt between us in the shower. She was so close, but yet felt so distant. Do not know if she had a bad day, or something happened to her in her personal life, but the vibe was a bit off. She has beautiful figure, although spoiled by tattoos, I liked them, but she would be prettier without them. Her titties are on the softer side, but very smooth to touch.

After I lay down, she starts to massage my back, then my feet. Not something I am huge fan of when I visit erotic massage, but she was positioned very well all the time so I could see her pussy in the mirror, which was very hot. After giving me proper massage, she began sliding her body on mine, so when I turned I was hard. The part on the back was more body to body then massage. It was good, but the vibe was just off. Eli was thinking about something else, which does not add to the mood. The hand job technique and sex imitation was good though. So in the end I finished successfully.

In the end, she washed me in the shower. Then, I paid czk 1.900 for one hour of the Erotic Massage and went home. The time I spent in the salon was exactly 60 minutes. The massage was okay, something just was not there. Maybe Eli had a bad day, not sure, but gotta go with the neutral rating this time.,eli-infinity-spa-603-373-881-603373881,4041


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