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Laura – Matahari Salon

Had a chance to see Laura for the first time in Matahari Salon. Booking went well. I booked online. Went there on time. Receptionist opened the door. Greeted me really well. Then beautiful Laura came from downstairs (petite blonde with a smiling face). She did a handshake and we went together in the room.

Laura aksed me for the shared shower. I said without hesitation yes:) She played with my penis beautifully during the shower and I was playing with her beautoful breasts at the same time. The only negative part it was only for a minute or so but I really enjoyed it. Then we went on bed. The massage started with the back part and very soon enough she touched my testicles which charged me up. I already have been to Matahari multiple times but the difference with Laura is the turn comes only in 10-15 minutes and the next part is the best experience i have so far in my massages experience. I had a massage for 90 minutes, so i cant even explain what kind of orgasm i had after playing with her for around 50-55 minutes. She didnt let me suck her breasts apart from that eveything was amazing. She knows how to play with penis. She was ok with touching and cuddling with her breasts, ass etc of course not the intimate parts because of the rules.

Finally, after the orgasm she sat with me we talked. I had a shower myself. She did a good goodbye. I will recommend her strongly if you want to have something great. Hopefully you will get more than what I had.

B2B Massage/90 minutes/3100 CZK,laura-matahari-salon-773-164-811-773164811


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