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Alex – Infinity Spa

Massage happened a couple of weeks ago.

+420 603 373 881

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booked a couple days in advance and confirmed booking 2h before. English of the operator was good.
when i arrived at the booked time i wrote to the operator multiple times but didnt get a respons for 15min, even though it showed the operator was online this whole time. Operator said i should have called instead which might be true but this has never been an issue with anyone else before.
Was let in after 15min. as others have said, alex doesnt really greet you or anything and just let you into the room. Knows maybe 3 words in english so wasnt much of a conversaion.
Really good looking, cute girl and would guess 18-19 years old. Pictures are probably not her, but the onces with black background looks pretty close.
paid at the start, 1h nuru 2200 CZK, she showed me the shower.
first part on the stomach was good and she slid all over me and would moan and nibble on my ear while playing with the balls from behind.
eventually turned around and she continued sliding and getting her face close to mine and eventually touching at times.
She was okay with me touching her breast, ass and inner thigh. She let me slid my hand on her pussy but no penetration. which is expected.
Edged me a couple times before finishing.  Seems like she really enjoyes making guys exited and acted based on what i responded well to.

Negative stuff
waited upon arrival. Maybe my fault.
no english
doesnt greet you at the start
very dark in the room

Good stuff
very intimate and engaged massage, both front and back
seems to enjoy her job
cute face and a fat ass with smaller breast. 168cm is a realistic height. Attached picture is most likely her.
central location.

Rating 9/10 just because there are some things to do better. but if you like this type of girl (young, big ass & pale), this is a great visit. Will definitely come back


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