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Hi everyone.  I just recently moved to Prague for work and decided to explore erotic scene here. My choice fell on Elis from Mirage salon. First of all I was pleased by the location of the salon, right in the center of Vinohrady district. I was greeted by Elis herself, she offered something to drink and explained in details every type of massage they offer. I chose pussycat massage which costed 2500czk and as an extra took French kissing for 500 czk. Elis took me to the room and offered a shower together, which I obviously agreed to do since she was just stunning 😍. She’s a tall girl with long dark and curly hair, athletic body type with a curve. Perky boobs with big areolas, listed as a size 2 but in reality feels like its closer to a 3. Anyways you’ll get more than a handful for sure😅  In the shower we started kissing straight away, felt crazy attraction and just couldn’t keep my hand off her curves! After the shower I laid down and Elis started the massage. First was relaxing massage by hands, followed by body to body. I was amazed by how she was placing her body in different positions during that, like an acrobat! Then she turned me to proceed massage on my front part. Her intense eye contact was turning me on so much. To finish she chose position 69 which i was pleased about. She was extremely sensual during the whole experience, always made sure I was feeling comfortable and happy. Overall I guess you could understand from this review how much I enjoyed everything provided to me by Elis. Would recommend for sure to everyone who likes taller girls and will return to see her again!

Contact for salon is here:


Wenzigova 17, Praha 2

admin edit: https://tapky.info/?4140,elis-mirage-masaze-773-709-655-773709655

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