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Age: 27
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Breast size: 4 (silicon)
Languages: CZE, ENG

Hello gentleman!

I have visited few girls in Rabbit Hall for erotic massage. I decided first to meet Lucie, because I saw many positive feedbacks in . So I come to Vinohradska street salon and when she opened the door I was like „WTF, positive reviewers are you kidding?“ xxx45 . Her face is below average. She has protruded lower jaw. She is very massive for me, she has thick bones. Her height is equal my height, but I’m sure her weight is +10 kg then what is written on her profile. I prefer feminine look girls. When I saw this I decided to cancel reservation and went out xxx70 .
Now someone can say, looks of masseuse does not matter, it’s important how she is doing massage. FUCK NO! xxx28 LOOKS MATTER! We go to erotic massage, hope to see there hot girls, because it’s very hard to find nowadays attractive girl in private houses with normal price. Hopefully you can find more attractive girls in this salon with good massage. So I’m not recommend you. Because I didn’t see her massage my final rating is neutral XXT02

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