Priváty v Praze

Adelle – Privat Grace

A few weeks ago I was in the neighborhood, I called up Graceovi and was in a taste for some petite meat. Adelle was then available, ordered just fine and strolled around for 10minutes until I was left in. Now normally I’m not superstitious, but sometimes everyone has that feeling when something is about to go wrong, some divine signs, either a gut feeling, or a burning star in the sky, or in my case a dead pigeon stuck in a drain pipe of a house nearby that smelled like death…

I arrived at the place, a different girl opened the door, probably Michelle or Kitty, and was surprised seeing me there as if I was unannounced by the operator. She then went to the kitchen, called up Adelle to come.

First impression of Adelle was that she was of the „darker skinned“ ethnic type, she had very pronounced make up, fake eye lashes, longer dark hair and a smaller feminine body. Her look was bored & indifferent, so I felt like I was about to get some disappointment in the minutes to come.

In the room the deal was done, cautiously taking 1/2h with no extras for the known price on their website. I asked about the advertised anal, but she said she wasn’t doing it, only classic this time. Communication was difficult, she does not speak foreign languages, so we dealt how we could in Czech. Since she’s a smaller woman, I asked in advance if she can manage „my size“, and she said „no problem“. I received the handkerchief-sized towel, showered, came back, action starts.

She’s passive, oral was one of the weakest I’ve ever experienced, my dong gets more excited when I pull up my shorts to be honest… she doesn’t even know how to rub a dick, I needed to take her hand and show it to her. It wasn’t that innocent lack of know-how, but rather a very bored approach. Putting on the rubber, I get on top of her to start the act, I instantly smell some sweaty arm pits, which I initially didn’t want to blame on personal hygiene. Her body looked good enough to get me started in missionary, I did not approach my head to her cunt first, as it’s a general rule for me. Bad mistake. I could have at least done some olfactory inspection before the penetrating act. I did a few strokes, she looked bored away to the side, and complained that it was too big! We changed the position to doggy, and she was then again complaining about the size! We went to missio again, and three strokes in, again complaints!… I got pissed so I took my dick out and I kid you not, I was immediately struck by a worse smell even than that of the trapped dead pigeon in the drain pipe on the way there!!! Put off entirely by this, I told her about it, asked her to go clean her cunt & shower before trying to continue, she refused, and after I insisted and got upset about it, she broke the meeting off at that very moment. This was all within not even 10 minutes since the start. I immediately asked for half of the money back because of unkept proper hygiene and she said she’ll bring me the money. I was left in the room to get dressed for about 10 more minutes, and she came back giving me 200 kc back… I argued that that wasn’t the amount of refund we agreed on just before, she began ranting something more complicated in Czech that I couldn’t understand, so I left it at that, and left the place in complete disgust!

Summa summarum: this one is definitely to avoid, shitty character, awful hygiene! Avoid as much possible, so you don’t have to learn it as I did!,adelle-privat-grace-604-460-403-604460403

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