Kristina – Candy Shop Massage

Kristina – i lost my heart to you, you´re a gem!

But first things first:
I am doing a lot of business trips through the world and was here and there on erotic massages. But i wouldn´t say i am this experienced guy 😉
First time i visited Candy Shop was end of last year. So i already knew what to expect from the rooms and how placing the date and service.

This time i came late out of office and wrote via Whattsapp (in english) if someone of the girls is available on short notice. As i was used to it before the answers came quick and also the date was quickly set.
communication was very pleasant and caring. Especially when you are new in the city and struggle to find the right service they take good care beforhand.

Candyshop offered me Kristina on this short notice and after quick check of the pics i gladly accepted. I chose the mix tantric massage for 75€ for 60min.

I was on time at the Massage Salon which is placed in a side street with a quite entrance. The Saloon itself is downstairs in the basement. I find it very tstefull equiped, furniture is tasteful and the rooms are spacious. From what i know there are to massage rooms.
each equiped with a large futon , shower, some mirrors, couch and nicely designed inerior.

I rang the bell at the entrance, door opens, i went downstairs and theirs she was waiting for me already – Kristina! and what should i say. Simply WOW!
She has such a charme and warm charisma that i became nervous. We had a quick chat at the bar in english which she speaks very well. She is from the Ukraine and speaks chech as well.
We went than in the massage room and put down quickly the clothes for a shower together. Kristina has such a lovely body which is very sporty and well defined. Nice breasts not too big, long legs and a bum which can crack nuts 😉
I instantly got lost hin her brown eyes as we entered the shower. Her lovely face is the one of a goddess.
So the pics on the webpage are abolutely honest and she looks like this in reality.
… you see, Kristina got me from the first second.
In the shower we came quickly closer and started cuddling and touching each other. It was literally the first time for me that i felt instantly like beeing with my girflriend insted of receiving professional service.
Normaly i need some time to get used to the situation and also to let myself fall into a erotic situation. With Kristina it was different and my „Instrument“ was already ready for whatever would come next.

Let me shorten a bit this first visit as i will get more into details later: It was awesome and Kristina knows exactly was she does and is very experienced with many massage techniques. There were many different positions and i ruterned the actions as well which made the whole experience with her very interactive.
After the shower at the end of the massage we had a nice smalltalk and after glass of whater (you can have as well different types of alcohol) we sayd goodbye at the door upstairs.

I stood outside with a smile in my face which i hope noone has seen as they would ask me whats wrong with me 🙂
This was the time i wrote via whattsapp if Kristina would be available two days later as i was staying in Prague for two more days…and i needed to see her again.
Candyshop confirmed quickly and i already couldn´t wait those two days.

Finally the time had come and my heart skipped a beat when entering again Candy Shop and Kristina was waiting at the bar with a short black dress.
We smiled on each other had a quick hug, i paid the tantric massage this time with kissing for 2300 and all of a sudden we were in the shower again.
Man…there was magic happening! At least this was my feeling and i don´t know if what i experienced was simply professionalism or there was a connection between us.
Anyways, we knew us already and Kristina started with very sensual kissing what i gladly returned. Situation was quickly getting hot and we were like newly in love with kissing, touching and cuddling each other.
Outside the shower still kissing each other she insisted at some point to start the massage…haha. So a layed down on belly first and she started this sensual and professional massage.
Some classic techniques, than b2b. She loves it as well when you not laying on the bed like a planque but let her know what you like and go with the vibe. This is what i have done again and she was moaning softly in my ears.
At this point i found already inner peace and relief. At some point, i lost colplete track of time, she wanted me to turn around.
Here the magic started!
Like freshly in love we started wildly to kiss each other and explore every part of our bodies. I guess the playbook was at this point not relevant anymore. We massaged each other and alternating took care of our private parts.
We experienced different positions and as Kristina was getting a little exhausted i asked her to lay down and returned a little of the effort and massaged her as well.

I finally came on her belly as time went by fast. After quickly swiping sweat and other stuff we laid besides kissing and caressing. I knew at this point that this was a special moment in my life.
Again…i don´t know if this service was just professionall as hell or there was something between us.
Kristina when you might read this lines… you are a very special person!

The last shower came and i had already a heavy heart knowing i have to drive back home the day after. One last kiss, one last hug and we found ourselves at the bar.
Some smalltalk with the lady which is organizing everything and for sure i promissed Kristina to be back again.

Kristina escorted me upstairs and when the door was closed i was back in bitter reality… what a experience.
I guess i will never go to another massage least not in Prague! 🙂

Guys: please tread her well, return some of the emotions she is giving you and you will have as well the time of your life.

Kristina: feel hugged <3



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