I called and agreed with the girl very easy, address Belehradska 120 (near I.P. Pavlova), somewhat confusing entrance at Radost FX inside, but was ok.

Very stylish and pretty girl, photos fit and are current, they are her’s, but she’s definitely older than 28, I would say around 33-36. Flat is clean, obviously not used only by herself alone, I think it was Katerina (from https://www.sexystranky.cz/spolecnice/smyslna-katerina—praha-2-23289) that uses it also, when I remember taking a turn visiting that girl before, as her looks did not match with reality.

Back to Petra, she is very fragrant, smiling, beautiful blue eyes, and those Russian type cheekbones, despite being Czech. Agreement was fast, took 30 min (1500 kc/ no extras offered, neither did I requested any), got a nice big towel, shower was perfect too. Back in the room, she undresses, asks me what I like, she started with a slow handjob & penis massage, and even offered to lick my balls, which was unexpected since she doesn’t do OB. Fast forward, we start with her on top, then missionary, her cunt is partially shaven and tight, her boobs are not those of a young girl anymore, so they slide to the sides a bit when lying on her back, but nothing dramatically. She smells beautiful, obviously she takes care of herself, but maybe a bit of sports won’t harm her. Either way, she prepared her cunt very nicely for me to stab her in missionary, I managed to lick her, tasted very sweet & clean. We then switched to doggy, where I could admire her beautiful little ass, she can take it up good; there were no perversions with her, she’s naturally very kind and helpful, and communicative even in ENG. Natural small moanings here and there during sex, nothing fake, I unloaded in that final position, satisfied ending, with no need to prolong the time to 1h, although I was given that option.

The only thing that was little inconvenient was that the door of the room is close to the hallway, so we’ve heard noises when other miner came to visit that other girl. The convenient part that got my voyeur side satisfied was that after I finished & went to the showers, I heard that other girl being fucked like crazy, screaming through the paper walls without any shame 😀 .

Impression: good/very good, might repeat, despite higher price than the normally accepted ones and lack of extra services, but the girl’s attitude, appearance and kindness was worth it.

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