Ella – Rabbit Hall

Phone: 774 910 918
Link: https://www.tapky.info/?3367,ella-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918

I wanted to visit Ella for 7 months and one day had a break and I booked her for one hour erotic mix massage( 1600 kc).

I was so nervous that I went to the wrong address! I arrived at the place and I see the young beauty waiting me in the door and immediately my jaw dropped down! She is so extrovert and good at communication that I felt so welcome and ready for my first time at massage parlor.

At first he had a shower, then I went to bed and the massage started. She put oil and started massaging my legs, then back and the whole body, during the slides from bottom to top she was moaning and immediately my penis went hard. Once bit my ear and I felt such joy. Her breasts touching my body was the most amazing thing ever.

After 3o minutes she told me to change position and she massaged my belly. Her perfect tits and body gave me chills and I was able to touch her breast and ass, the most incredible feeeling.

After that she started massaging the intimate parts with such passion and determination to cum. Within 15 minutes I cum and she expressed a moan for the so much cum! At the end we had a shower where I expressed my admiration for her skills and we greet each other and I left with such a joy for the experirence that I had.

Ella is an extrovert person and definitely can make you feel better and most relaxed.


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