Erotické masáže Praha

Sofie – rabbit Hall Masaj

I was a little „nervous“ before my arrival because I never had an erotic masaj. I usually go to privat here in Prague.

The appartement was easy to find and Sofia welcome me with a large smile. We went to the room and she proposed me to go to shower (erotic mix so shower before and after).

After the shower, she started (after 2 min waiting) with the back, butt and legs. She was really Sensual and Erotic, sometimes breathing in my ears, licking, and perfect masage skills!! 👌 She’s also receptive to touch everywhere on her body!

Second step was torso and our favorite spot 😉 she was really active, doesn’t hesitate to use her hands, between her legs and when she saw that I was not ready, she also use to some fast lick…

Finally I didn’t „climax“ but it was probably due to the 1st time (nervous, and didn’t eat for all day? 😬) cause she’s so nice and she tried a lot of time even after the 60min. She also was disappointed about that 🙂

So I will go again to see her soon, I want my revenge!,sofie-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918

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9 srpna, 2021 17:57

What´s masaj, my friend?

9 srpna, 2021 23:51
Reply to  Andrej

To je příslušník afrického kmene, pasoucího dobytek a lovícího lvy, kteří mu žerou ten dobytek. Barví se načerveno a umí dobře běhat. 😀

10 srpna, 2021 19:22
Reply to  Aladar


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