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I visited Ella last week. Appointment was arranged through the website form, Pussycat massage for 90 mins, with 30% discount offer, for 2400 CZK. The establishment sent an SMS with address details. Simple and effective. The place is in -2 basement floor, a recently reconstructed cellar, dark but nice and relaxing place. I was there 5 mins in advance. A cute girl with brown hair opened the door (I suppose another masseur), and she informed me that Ella was not ready. She offered me slippers and she escorted me to a room and offered tea, while I was waiting. She had difficulty to communicate in English, but she had a very polite/caring approach.

Ella came to room few minutes later. A pretty girl, exactly as in photos. Slim, fit body figure, nice firm breasts, nice face with big eyes. Overall, amazing physical appearence. Age probably fits. Ella is very cute, talkative/communicative person, with a smile. She is Ukrainian, and speaks English very well. She took me to another room, which was prepared for the massage. The place is clean, nice atmosphere, but bigger sheets on the bed would be appreciated. Shower together before and after the massage, payment at the end. The establishment has probably only a single shower, but the masseur takes care not to meet any other client (from the shoes in entrance, I think another two gentlemen were there). The massage was excellent, body to body, different approaches, changing from soft touching to more pressure, starting from the back and then to front side. Touching and kissing were allowed. Ella is undoubtfully very skilled in massage and has a very nice GFE approach. She is very caring, especially in the common shower. I had the feeling that I was spending time with a very good friend.

Overall, a nice relaxing place, great massage experience and most important, really nice attitude from both girls that I met. I would definitely visit Ella again in the future.


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