Beata – Privat Albertov

I am still a noob in comparison to others here, that is why it may not come as a surprise for me to not ever have been to Privat Albertov until now. What persuaded me this time to finally go for it was this blonde skinny girl newly advertised – Beata – that is also offering anal.

Appointment was easy, and address Na Slupi 17 easily can be located. Beata opened for me and I was slightly surprised that she is quite pretty in the face too. So we went the elevator up, went through the hallway and entered the room with a pole and next to it with bathroom. Quick agreement for 1/2h, with anal, with possibility of kissing or prolonging the stay for further 1/2h if I wanted to. The only downside is that she doesn’t do OB or CIM/CIF…

Paid up front, got a mini-towel and sent to the shower, all good. Came back, then 2 min after Beata arrived to the room. She undressed, and took those perky silicone tits out (small but rock-hard, they felt a bit weird to touch, to be honest, but nothing bad), started kissing my body, wrapped my dick in the condom and before started sucking she jokingly said „you want anal with this huge d…? :D“ … She is such a good sucker, my god! It would have been amazing if it was OB, I think I could not resist too much, she is very skilled, and does a very good deepthroat on her own, almost to the root and including the „gla-gla-gla“ sounds, slightly tearing up and giving attention not only to the rod, but also balls. I was very impressed, this girl can definitely suck, and went to the missio position after that. She has a very fuckable pussy, slightly larger labias, but these are to my experience indicators that the woman is „more than average“ sexually. She did not need any lube, but only a bit of a spit and rub, and „who-hoo“, I entered that very narrow one 😀 . You can feel she’s enjoying fucking like a true whore, moving her pelvis, grinding even when she’s under you! I did not want to stay on top for too long, so I let her ride me after that. She grinded me so good, taking the whole dick’s length without any problems, flexing her inner pussy-muscles like a pro! The sounds of real pleasure filled the room, as she’s a bit vocal, but in an honest way. She rides like a nympho, that one I can say, also leaning on my body, breathing and moaning in my ears… We went then to doggy, where she can take it harder too without any issues. Her „brown-eye“ winked at me during this, and whilst I was trying to enjoy her meat-pocket for a bit longer before we went to anal, though she kept asking for it. So then we went to her little shitter, she only needed little lube, and then slide it in perfectly. Even larger sizes like mine don’t scare her, after going in slowly I could plow her as I wished, without any objections, and I could really notice that she enjoys being fucked in the ass. After some minutes I could not resist anymore, and turned her around and „exploded“ all over her breasts, which she also happily enjoyed 🙂

I’ve had some of my share on the scene, but this girl can really make you feel good, she is pleasant and beautiful, & sucks and fucks like a naughty little nympho; and above all, to my delight – she takes it up the stinker too! 😀  Just be nice to her, she’s nothing for jerks, so don’t spoil her too early, and let’s hope she’ll keep this attitude further down the road, and won’t be burnt out soon. I will definitely repeat, so thumbs up from me, I left with an empty ball-sack and fully energized! 😀,beata-privat-albertov-773-678-472-773678472

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