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Brunetka Korenskeho P5

I went to see Brunetka (Karolina) Near Arbesovo. I have lived in Male Strana for years and have seen her around in adds. So I thought why not.

Place: The ground floor apt where she and made someone else works, is dreadfully shabby and and falling apart. She was very friendly with her greeting and showed me o the room, which was also very tired and in bad condition…looks nothing has been done the place in decades. The Shower was tiny falling apart and floor covered in water…after the shower I just gave her 1,500 for an hour without asking anything. She is very over the top with her sounds and movements but but better than cold and silent I guess. I won’t get into all of the details as i was all rather standard I suppose and mostly divadlo. But I have to say that she gave one of the best blowjobs I have ever had….she swallowed every drop and came up smiling. One can only wonder how many times inter life she has done this…I paid her another 500 just from the thought of that. Im sure when she was 25 years younger she was a looker….but time has done its work….she’s still pleasant and not hag but she is a good 10 o 12 years older than her advertising. I won’t go back….its too sobering an experience to be there but she is certainly pleasant and warm.,bruneta-brunetka-732-474-105-732474105

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