Why do you really go to erotic massages?

This question was made many times, especially by those that think that it’s stupid to go to a massage when you can pay the same money (or less) and have full sex with a girl instead.

So what makes you chose an erotic massage?

1- Because you can have an erotic experience without being unfaithful?
2- Because you simply like massages with an erotic touch?
3- Because you feel more pampered with a masseuse than with a prostitute?
4- Because it excites you that the masseuse may provide something extra, out of mutual sympathy?
5- Because you like the spiritual side of some of the massages?
6- Other?

What makes you go to erotic massages?

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9 července, 2024 17:22

On an average Massage girls are prettier than Privat girls.

9 července, 2024 20:13

What makes you go to erotic massages? – loneliness 🥹

9 července, 2024 22:17
Reply to  Sktr

Yes but he wants to know why massages when full sex is available at same price.

9 července, 2024 22:36
Reply to  JonSnow

Sex is overrated  😄  I was just answering that one last question

9 července, 2024 22:58

0) safer from the hygiene/health perspective (if not doing pussycat)
and also 1) + 2) + 3) and also 7) my GF sets the tolerance limits  😅 

10 července, 2024 00:38

1) + 2) + 3) + 4) + just like happy said, my gf also allows this without considering it cheating.

I haven’t tried privat, but I do feel like a lot of the „purity“ is lost when it’s just „paying for sex“. Not that paying for a handjob is something pure, but the idea that sex is not on the table and there are clear limits does seem to create a kind of almost magical feeling. It feels a bit like having an airport or vacation crush, where the scope in which you interact with the person is very limited, and thus allows for very different experience.

I do also think sex is overrated in that I’d 100% rather just cuddle in the shower for 30 mins and go home than have sex for 30 mins and go home. I feel like I really don’t even need the orgasm, I’m in it mainly for the erotic feeling.

It’s definitely more nuanced than that, but the ability to just have a deeply erotic experience with a random very beautiful girl you’ve never seen before seems much more unique than quick sex.

10 července, 2024 10:27
Reply to  cmelak33

I agree! Totally with the last sentence.

10 července, 2024 10:31

Explore all types of women i like, getting more erotic experience for my romantic realtionship which Im happy with. My GF gives me some erotic/sexual boundaries, which i respect, but i like to break them sometimes on massages just for my pleasure. 🙂

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10 července, 2024 16:32

If not doing pussycat, it is safe option. And could be also categorized as not full cheating 😉

14 července, 2024 23:53

Z uvedených důvodů rozhodně č. 3.
6a) logistika, zavedené masážní salóny mají jasný systém nabídky a objednání, které je mnohem jednodušší než u mnohdy pochybných privátů. Také si drží nějaký standard kvality a člověk se spíše nesplete.
6b) nemám moc rád kondomy.

15 července, 2024 10:10
Reply to  PetrK

Mega souhlasím, bordely mi přijde že maj bordel i v komunikaci (nikdy jsme nebyl a nechci). Kondomy jsou mi dost asexuální a nemám je obecně rád.

Budeme rádi za tvůj názor, napiš komentářx