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Tina Candyshop (English)

I have visited Candy several times and experienced different girls, but none as captivating as Tina. I will strive to remain objective and avoid sounding overly enthusiastic. Additionally, I am writing this review several weeks after my last visit to ensure fairness (not talking from dick).

1. Appearance: Many people have compared her to Kristen Stewart, which is accurate. However, unlike Kristen’s character in Twilight, Tina is not anorexic. She has a build more reminiscent of Anna Silk from Lost Girl, complete with a similarly alluring stare. Lost girl lead’s temptress succubus persona suits her pretty well. Objectively, she has a curvaceous figure and knows how to use it, especially in the shower. Her breasts are natural and sizable; while gravity is starting to take its toll, it is not problematic. In fact, lifting them from behind during intimate moments can be quite a workout. The height, weight, and figure mentioned on Candy’s website are close to reality. Her age might be around five years older than listed, which is common. One discrepancy from the website is her hair color; she is now a brunette instead of red-haired. I would have loved to see her as a redhead or blonde.

2. Attitude: Her attitude is exceptional, or perhaps she has a profound understanding of the human psyche and knows exactly what her customers desire. It always feels like I am with my girlfriend. If I had met her a few years ago, I might have proposed marriage. Now, I am more mature and less impulsive, so I avoid frequent meetings to preserve the magic and not let it ruin by topic of marriage. She has a large clientele who book her weeks in advance, which helps limit my visits.

3. Massage: Her massage skills are excellent, even if it were just a regular massage. She knows the techniques and has the strength to provide a proper massage. However, I have only had a full massage from her twice; subsequent visits have mostly involved kissing, pussycat (the real kind, unlike at some other places), and cuddling.

4. Erotica: In terms of erotica, she is pure fire. She knows exactly how to arouse me, or perhaps she embodies everything that turns me on. With her, I have had steel hard erections and equally intense eruptions. I enjoy watching her in the mirror as she rides me and plays with Jr. Jon Snow. For this, I prefer the room at Candy with the large mirror overhead. I have managed to make her orgasm with cunnilingus a couple of times, or she is exceptionally good at faking it. For my confidence, I prefer not to know the truth. I usually book her after several days of abstaining from masturbation, as it is tempting ritual to finish in the shower and then again later in bed. Her curvaceous bottom is a weapon of mass seduction.

Overall Rating:

Appearance: 8/10
Attitude: 10/10
Erotica: 10/10

Price 2000+500+500 most of the time I take 60 minutes pussycat + french kiss

P.S.: I love Candy and believe they are doing a fantastic job. They handle privacy very well. Once, I entered without ringing the bell as door was open, and the receptionist promptly corrected me. Scheduling is seamless, and the WhatsApp operator is very courteous.,tina-candy-shop-massage-773-667-250-773667250



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22 června, 2024 12:17

Excellent review. And I agree completely on Tina. I wanted to ask, do you have any other recommendations for girls who offer a top-notch GFE experience similar to Tina?

24 června, 2024 00:39
Reply to  JonSnow

Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Since you’ve been kind enough to share with me, I can do the same. I had a great experience with Violette at Rabbit Hall. While she maybe didn’t quite reach the same extremely high standard of Tina, she was so warm and had a wonderful personality and was very sexual (and permissive with touches). I recommend her if you want a gal in a similar category.

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