Suggesting a new format for posting

Most people seem to like to write a creative literary description at the beginning of their review. For example, „I was on my way back from a long day of work, and decided I had to go for a massage…“ or „Oh, how I love visiting the ladies of x-salon. And this time was particularly interesting…“ etc, etc.

I don’t mind the writing, but to make things more efficient I think the first part of every post should have a rating system. This way, the people scanning through the reviews can immediately read if the girl is attractive and the experience was good.

It would be much more efficient if a post could lead immediately with:

Face: x/10, nice smile, beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, big nose, etc

Body: x/10, thin, fake boobs, tall, etc

Experience: x/10, GFE, cold, overpriced etc

Services: Tantra/Nuru/etc, French kissing, Pussycat, etc

Price: xxxx KC

And then start the creative writing after that. I personally would appreciate this, as I’m looking for quality girls to visit, so if the review is describing a 3/10, fat ass, old woman with a bad attitude, then I won’t have to click into the review to learn about it.

Does anyone else here agree?


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19 června, 2024 18:06

Yes, less erotic novelist and more of an actual review. I don’t even care about experience part, just accurate physical description would save lot of wasted trips.
I posted review of Tina candyshop recently which does cover most of the above things. A standard format is best for everyone.

22 června, 2024 13:48
Reply to  indy

Yes, great idea! So you can suck out the information even faster without any contribution! Because reading longer than 1 minute hurts your brain. And don´t forget to never ever write any reviews, recommendations or comments. Just suggest the best format and even changing of the rules of posting.

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23 června, 2024 05:16
Reply to  Sktr

Why are you triggered? Objectively stating facts would reduce fake or promotional reviews written by massage shops themselves. You are always free to continue writing sci-fi novel below after describing girl.

24 června, 2024 05:20
Reply to  Sktr

and do not forget – your’s 10 can be others 1 and vice versa. So, unless you objectively describe details of the look, any scoring is useless.
But I agree, if I ever come with suggestion of the proper format, it will be in the form of several reviews as a example. So „indy“, if you want a new format, you need to be first one who use it.

24 června, 2024 12:43
Reply to  user1902

Rating is unnecessary or secondary but describing body attributes like height and figure can be done. Also there are many girls with saggy boobs after years of gravity those are also getting bundled as size 4. There are thick girl lovers but they may not be looking for a fat one so body parameter description makes sense. Similar thing can be said about facial structure, for example I am not fan of squarish face that Samantha from infinity has but someone else might find her as dreamgirl etc etc

23 června, 2024 11:26

I agree, but you should write some reviews yourself before asking us to change our writing style. Guys spend a lot of money so you don’t have to, so let them write how they want.

23 června, 2024 11:49
Reply to  willsmith


23 června, 2024 14:36
Reply to  willsmith

I don’t think it’s all „money spenders“ writing reviews. There was once a post-op Trans at massage place and money spenders wondered on what money is actually being spent on, quickly it was covered up by simp army or inside men.

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