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Sacura – Rabbit Hall

Had a great meeting with Sacura.

Booking easy via Website. Confirmation on Whatsapp for booking and confirmation the morning of the reservation.

Sacura looks like the pictures, stunning eyes that you can’t see in the pictures. Tits slightly hanging but still very beautiful.

Went in and decided on Body to Body. Massage was really good, some interesting techniques somewhere between Thai and erotic Massage. So you get to relax and have a nice view. Some fake moaning to set the mood. After watching her in the mirror I got impatient and wanted to play with her a bit which she allowed. Some more faking in the beginning before I got some natural reactions. At this point the chemistry is great and I ask to switch to pussycat. She really enjoyed it so I kept going until she stopped me because of the time. The she played with me some more before finishing in the shower.

Will definitely visit again

Pussycat Massage 1h 2400 Czk + 200 tip,sacura-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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