Priváty v Praze

Adela – Privat Albertov

Last visit in Albertov was quite weird, I wanted to try Lusy but it’s been difficult with the schedule so I ended up with Adela for 1h for 1800 CZK (no extra).

At first, the pictures are way far from reality, or at least the reality of this year.

Assuming the girl in the picture is really Adela, add at least 10 Kg, I guess 3 or 4 years, and a weird attitude.

When she picked me up at the door I was tempted to say no, she started to talk in Czech, I switched to English and she changed face like she was super turned on by that, so I decided to stay and give her a try.

We went up, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but I always get the same room in Albertov (the one from the pictures), we agreed on the services and I went for shower, she had a quick shower immediately and when she arrived she was an animal 😀

She pushed me on the bed, and started to lick my balls and my butthole, I got hard, she put a rubber on me and started to ride me like one of those bulls in the movies 😀

After few minutes, I asked her to change position, so I moved on top of her, she asked me to speak in my native language (spanish), and she went crazy again, she scratched my entire back while sucking my nipples, what an experience.

I asked her to change again the position, so I finished in doggy and she asked me to spray her on her big butt, I agreed and we had a bit of rest.

After few minutes, she wanted to start the second turn, so she started again to lick me everywhere until i got hard, this time she started to blow me without rubber (even if I didn’t pay for it), except the fact she was not really good at it, so I asked for a new rubber and let her ride me again until I finished.

I had shower and left with 10 min to spare.


  • pictures are not matching reality
  • got OB for free
  • weirdest experience in a privat so far, I guess she was on drugs or something like that
  • repeat? I don’t think so,adela-privat-albertov-773678472-773-678-472



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