Sara – Rabbit Hall

Another massage review from a while ago, this is time I tried Sara, I was tempted by the pictures showing a beautiful booty so I booked her via phone, as usual the operator from RH is super efficient and I was able to get an appointment in the Vinhoradska branch.

This time I was a bit unlucky because I got the small room, there is still a shower inside that is a big plus compared to the original branch in Manesova where there was a competition to go to the shower, the main disadvantage of that room, at least in my opinion, is the position of the mirrors but well, what can we do?

About Sara, she is a nice brunette, small, but I have to say I had different expectations from the pictures, RH was claiming there was no photoshop in their pictures and everything you see is everything you get, but I have the feeling this policy doesn’t apply anymore or at least they should update the pictures more often. If I should describe her with one word, I would say „gipsy“, over all she is nice, but a big no for me was again the shaving situation, I mean, you are going to slide on me, you shouldn’t scratch me 😀

About the massage, as usual I booked for a 1h B2B (body to body), this time no discount so I paid the full price of 2100 CZK, this time though was an above average experience (except some scratchy feeling here and there), the girl is quite friendly and the language was not a problem.

This time she offered immediately the shared shower (I accepted of course), she went to pick up some oil and came back after 2 min (Luna, you should learn from her), the shower started as a „I want to be sure you are clean“ and ended up in a „let’s explore each other everywhere“, with some kisses here and there.

After that, we dried each other with the towels, and moved to the bed. She started, as usual, from the feet, then legs, smiling all the time and looking at me through the mirror, then she started to slide while caressing me everywhere, she was also biting my earlobe once in a while, in a sexy way. While she was sliding on me, I was touching her like I had no joints in my arms 😀 she appreciated and asked me to turn around, she started to ride me like a horse while I was enjoying her gifts, this time no issue with sensitive nipples or something else, so since there was the issue with the shaving, to calm her down a little bit, I started to play with her clit in a nice way, until she squirted all over me 😀

After that, she started to act like if we were old lovers meeting after a long break, and she dedicated entirely to my little friend who was really happy to meet her, so while she was jerking me off, she was looking at me in the eyes in a very sexy way, then I felt I was about to explode and I asked her to move to a 69 position to enjoy her bubble butt.

She did, so I had the change to play a little bit more with her treasure while she was focusing on my friend and everything around him, believe it or not, we came together, this time no squirting though (and it was good considering the position 10 cm from my face :D).

There was still a bit of time, so she started to cuddle in a small spoon position, being sure we could see  each other through the mirror, I started to kiss her neck and play again with her clit hoping in a third win but this time was not successful, so we passed to the shower where she tried to jerk me off one more time, again unsuccessfully because of not enough time.

At the end, I went out from the salon with a big smile and I hope to see her again.,sara-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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