Erika – Massage Princess/Masáže PRINCESS

Time: 90 minutes

Price: 2200 Kč

Massage: Erotic body-to-body

Sorry for writing this in English, I’m a brit living just over the border in Germany and don’t speak a word of Czech, but hopefully my experience will still be of interest here.

I’ve been visiting Massage Princess in Prague for a couple of years and have had generally good experiences, one time was not so good but the girl is long gone now. Last summer I booked a 60 minute session with Erika and it was my best session so far. In fact, I had such a good time that I have since gone back several times to see her specifically.

Erika is a very friendly, easy-going girl from Slovakia, and speaks fluent English, which is a big advantage to me and is not typical of the girls at this sallon, in my experience. She is quite tall with a slim figure, and has a very cute butt, so she is exactly my type.The pictures on the website are genuine and represent how she looks, although she has an elegent tattoo on her thigh now that’s not in the photos.

My most recent session was a 90 minute body-to-body massage yesterday. As always, she was quick to let me in when I arrived, and after the warm greetings and small talk,  suggested that I step into the shower while she fetches her things and a glass of water (for me) that I immediate forgot about. After a couple of minutes she comes back into the room, takes of her towel, and joins me in the shower. The shared shower with Erika is a worthwhile experience on its own, with a lot of intimate contact that immediately got me in the right mood. Actually, I didn’t want to leave the shower and we spent quite a long time in there, exploring each other’s bodies… probably not good for the environment, but what can you do?

After drying me off with a towel, which again she made into an erotic experience, she invites me to lay down on the matress to begin the massage for real. Erika doesn’t waste time and launches straight away into the erotic body-to-body massage, sliding every part of her body over every part of mine. After some time (I have no idea how much as I completely lost track) she invites me to turn over and does the same to my front. She does not hold back and the contact is intense and intimate. I elso enjoyed exploring her body with my hands, as she is quite receptive to some light touching. At one point it was as if she was riding me cowgirl style, skillfully using her hand to give the illusion of actually fucking, that was one of the highlights for me.

The handjob finish was instense and sent my eyeballs rolling back into my head. After cleaning me up, she spent a little time carressing me softly while I tried to calm myself back down. Then we shared another shower, this time a little calmer than before, but still erotically charged and I enjoyed helping her to make sure her back and butt was completely free from that pesky oil.

I left the sallon a couple of minutes over-time with a big dumb smile on my face and my brains still a little scrambled. Erika is a hard recommend from me, every session with her has been a total pleasure.,erika-masaze-princess-773-480-202-773480202



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