Sofie – Rabbit Hall

I decided to come to Rabbit Hall for the first time, and i decided to choose Sofie for the good looking on site.
I was not disappointed physically even if she has many tatoos and piercings on nipple and sex.
I choosed the pussycat massage to have a better relation with the girl.
I can tell i was not deceived at all. After a nice seance of massage on the back for approximatively 30..40 minutes where Sofie initiate your desire with her sweet sighs and her close sex contact on you, eveything degenerate after.
She accepts to be kissed everywhere and Sofie kissed me everywhere also. I must admit i liked those moments where everything is possible except the sex act for sure.
We terminated with a GFE pleasant communication and mutual massage i suppose you understand i really recommend Sofie after such a sweet moment 😉,sofie-rabbit-hall-774-910-918-774910918


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